Delicately balanced on the bow of the boat and peering into the deep, mysterious water, I vividly recall the first time I held my breath, jumped into the Gulf of Mexico and opened my eyes underwater. I floated effortlessly in a warm body of water, enveloped by something much larger than myself yet mysteriously familiar and comforting. When I opened my eyes, I was able to see but the visual experience was otherworldly, blurred and beautiful, peaceful, solitary—one that engaged more than the eye. It was a different way of seeing, one that employed all the senses and immersed me in a wholly different sensory experience.

In the studio, my process mimics this childhood experience. Suspended in a transcendent space, the painting process allows me to tap into my senses and reveal an internal language that is both personal and universal--creating softly-focused, yet very familiar realities that I have deeply perceived but never identified.

Through a weaving of drawing and painting, the immersion into endless possibilities begins. Lines extend from my body to create the space--continually layered, pushed back or muted creating an ever-changing shift on the picture plane--creating a new 'somewhere' to explore. Elegantly projected lines and marks overlap one another, creating a sense of depth and discourse with the void--often guiding you to the edges, transcending the boundaries of the picture plane, extending us into a larger place of being, asking the viewer to stretch.

These works are fluid and moving, and as with most abstract work, they are better felt and observed, rather than fully understood. The colors, mark-making, and highly-activated canvas create a final experience that comes into view more as a fleeting memory or something seen out of the corner of your eye, a blurring of sorts--stirring up a remembrance of a vision from deep within, one that measures the experience less as cerebral but more sensing and intuitive.

The art making reminds me that I am a part of the exuberant and always changing energy that is life. Together with the paint, brushes, and the surface, a transformation takes place within myself and on the canvas. As with life, I find both the journey and the outcome endlessly intriguing.